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Recruiter Life Cycle Training

This course goes through the steps of recruiting from beginning to end.

Recruiting is the act of acquiring new employees. They guide applicants through the evaluation process, negotiating offers, and to some degree, onboarding.

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CORE Online Etiquette

This course will give you proper communication habits over a variety of mediums you will use in your job.

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Google Workplace (Formerly G-Suite)

Google Workplace is a suite of online products from Google that help you with a variety of tasks.  It includes, among others, Gmail, Google Drive, Google File Stream, and Google Calendar.  Together, these products form the backbone of many daily tasks, and because they are all from Google, they have interoperability in a variety of ways.

Before you start the course, it’s important to know that there are a few buttons that are similar across all products.  They will appear at the top of Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, for example.

Of note –

The “Google Apps” button:

The Google Apps button allows you to easily open another product under the same username.  So, for example, if you are signed in to Google Calendar, you can click here, and select Gmail, and it will open a new tab and automatically sign you in to Gmail (see image below).  You can do this for any Google product.

The “Settings” Cogwheel:

In any Google product, you can access settings specific to that product from this icon on the top right.  Many people like to customize, for example, their Gmail layout.  You can find such settings here.

The “More Options” Icon:

Within many Google products, you will also see this icon.  It shows additional options related to what you are currently viewing.


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CORE Staffing Technology Basics

This course will equip new CORE Staffing recruiters with a base-line understanding of technologies used in their job.

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Tomorrow Health

This course will cover topics specific to rtNOW DME/HME client Tomorrow Health.

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Sanford Worthington Course

Sanford Worthington offers an EMR which you will be trained on separately.  This course is extremely short as there is only one point that needs to be emphasized:  Their passwords for the EMR expire after 60 days.  If you find yourself in the situation where you cannot login to the EMR, you should first remember this, and contact their IT department at 877-949-5678 for a new temporary password.

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Scotland County, MO Training Course

This course is for rtNOW agents licensed in Missouri.  It trains you on the unique VPN, remote desktop, and EMR (Meditech) needs specific to this facility.  It assumes you already have completed the general rtNOW agent training.

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rtNOW General Training Course

This course is designed to quickly get new rtNOW agents up to speed with rtNOW policies, technology, and processes.  Once completed, an rtNOW agent should be able to schedule their own hours, take calls, and submit their call tracking information for payment.

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