First Day Instructions

Acct Manager will forward you any instructions for your employees first day.   Be in contact with your recruit. Make sure they have all they need. Check in with them the day before and the day after to see how things went.

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Emergent Tracheostomy Cares

Course Progress


When caring for a tracheostomy tube having the confidence to know what you should do in emergent situations is very important.

This section will cover the following:

      • Emergency Care (Troubleshooting the airway, resuscitation with a manual resuscitation bag)
      • Complications


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New Employee CORE Orientation

New Employee CORE Orientation:  When a signed contract is complete, orientation has to be done with a member of HR (Kristi), Acct Manager, Recruiter and new employee.  Can be complete over the phone. 15-20 min.

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Send Copy of Travel Agreement to HR

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Drug Screen/Occupational Health

Work with Acct manager on when and where to send candidate for Occ health.

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Compliance Required Based on VMS/Facility

  1.  CORE Process: Compliance
    1. Collect all necessary paperwork from your candidate for acct manager to submit
    2. Acct Manager will run background check/education verification/employment verification
    3. Recruiter: OIG, SAM, License verification, etc.
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Send a Notification to HR/Payroll to Onboard

Send a notification to HR/Payroll to get the onboarding process started: 

CC: acct manager

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Travel Agreement

 Once you have a signed contract from the acct manager from the VMS/MSP/Facility, you can then send the contract to the employee.  Please review the Statement of Work/Staffing Agreement for details. Ie: rates, shifts, schedule, location, etc

Per Diem Contract

RN Travel Contract

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Offer Extended

CORE Process for Employment Offer

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Prepare Your Candidate for Interview

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