Strategies for sourcing candidates:

  1. Online job boards– websites like, zip recruiter, or any other page that lists job posting. These can either be free or paid, targeted or broad. Find out where your ideal candidates typically search for jobs and get your ads posted.
  2. Advertisements-similar to job board postings, but are broader, and don’t necessarily need to be online. Think of all the websites, newspapers, magazines, and even physical places your candidates likely visit on a daily basis and post some appealing job ads. These are typically paid placements, but the right location can yield great results if targeted properly.
  3. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or other recruitment software-Take a deep dive into the candidate pools you’ve collected from previous search efforts to see if there are any qualified applicants you can reach out to.
  4. Former employees- it can be common for people to work with different agencies. If you have a vacancy that might appeal to a former employee, reach out to them to see if they’re ready to make a comeback.
  5. Social media- LinkedIn is a no-brainer for recruiters. Search for candidates based on job title, skill set, and location to find high potential candidates, and reach out to them via InMail. Don’t be afraid to search Twitter and Facebook for industry-relevant pages and groups that you can reach out to as well.  Adding yourself to Facebook groups designed for the industry you are sourcing for is a great way to build your pipeline of candidates. Creating attractive, eye catching job posting are also a great way to lure in candidates.
  6. Resume Database-is a database of candidates that you can search by skillset. These views allow you to look at the full contact info within the candidate’s resume rather than a preview. See more in the next topic about searching and Boolean.
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