Two Companies Became one! The Story of CORE staffing.


CORE Staffing is the product of two companies committed to excellence, merged through an
acquisition in 2017. Since then, both companies have grown and in 2018 they came together
under one name, CORE Staffing. This is their story:

C.O.R.E Respiratory Services
C.O.R.E. Respiratory Services began in 2002. Randy Kuzel, the founder of C.O.R.E Respiratory
Services were working as a supervisor in the respiratory department of a large hospital. There,
he was to bring in traveling and per-diem respiratory therapists to help with being short-staffed. Several regular staff came to Randy one day and told him that the traveling therapists
were underqualified and that they would rather work understaffed. This need to hire quality
respiratory therapists was apparent within his own organization. He felt he could provide a
service to other healthcare organizations that also had this need. The name C.O.R.E came about
from a discussion with his wife, who is a nurse. She said to him “it sounds like you are trying to
put together a community of respiratory excellence.” With that acronym, C.O.R.E Respiratory
Services was born.
Building a community of respiratory excellence is the standard that C.O.R.E upheld. It built a
community of hardworking, professional respiratory therapists willing to lead by example. The
commitment to quality and integrity that C.O.R.E upheld bore fruit in a reputation that became
nationally known for respiratory excellence.

Vital Nurse Staffing
Chuck Stadler started his career as an ICU/CCU nurse. He loved his work as an RN but
recognized the difficulty to sustain a 40-year career at the bedside. Wanting to find a new
opportunity, he started working for a nurse staffing company. He soon saw that nearly anyone
with a nursing license received a job, regardless of work ethic, skills, and fit. The lack of
screening led to a lack of quality and integrity, and this affected the reputation of the
company. After several clients approached Chuck and suggested he open his own staffing
company, he began to consider this prospect. These clients saw the values that Chuck stood for
and they wanted to continue to work with him. Thus, Vital Nurse Staffing was born. For a while,
Chuck was his first and only employee. As time went on, the business grew and it now has over
100 employees committed to the same values of quality and integrity.
A Marriage of Excellence
In 2017 Chuck Stadler recognized the reputation that C.O.R.E had, saw a similar commitment to
excellence, and acquired the company. The continued growth has to lead to strategic
re-branding. From the beginning, both companies were run with a family feel. Rebranding
Vital Nurse Staffing into CORE Staffing is symbolic of two families coming together. Continuing
with the name CORE is a tribute to the reputation of quality and integrity of C.O.R.E.
Respiratory Services. This re-branding stands for solidarity, more resources available to our
clients and employees, and the beginning of a new chapter of our business.
CORE Staffing is proud to represent over 120 clinicians (RN, RT, CST, CVT, Endo Tech, and
others) servicing Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They staffed over 90,000 hours last year
and nearly 700,000 hours since inception in 2007 (C.O.R.E. and Vital Nurse Staffing combined),
along with another 9000 hours each year on telehealth on-call service hours. CORE is excited
about the next chapter and wants you, your friends, and your colleagues to join their story and family
as they continue to grow to the next chapter.